Report: Intel's Comet Lake-S Chips Require a New Motherboard

We've seen Intel release Ice Lake and Comet Lake processors recently, but next year we're set to get Comet Lake-S chips as a replacement for Coffee Lake on the desktop. However, upgrading to Comet Lake-S looks likely to also require a new motherboard. As Tom's Hardware reports, a couple of Intel slides leaked last month via XFastest that reveal how Comet Lake-S differs from what has come before and why the current LGA 1151 socket won't be suitable. If the slides are to be believed, Comet Lake-S will increase the core count of these desktop processors to 10 (20 threads) while at the same time pushing the TDP (Thermal Design Power) up to 125W. In order to support the increased power draw a new motherboard socket is required with nine more pins. It's expected to be called LGA 1200 and Intel is thought to be introducing new chipset silicon to go along with it. As we're currently using the Z390 chipset for Coffee Lake processors, it seems likely Intel will call the new chipset the 400-series.

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Lessons from Google's First Fifteen Years

Today marks 15 years since Google's IPO: Happy birthday, Google (GOOG, GOOGL)! Or should we be singing the Happy Birthday song to the public company now called Alphabet? When it comes to Google, not even wishing it a happy birthday is simple. There are, however, some simple lessons to be learned from the growth of the company. We have become so used to Alphabet's principle product being a repository of all knowledge that we sometimes lose sight of how remarkable it is that we can access that much information with the click of a button.

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Charting Microsoft's Cloud Boom In the Satya Nadella Era

In 2014, Microsoft's market cap hovered around $300 billion, its stock price was flat, and the mobile, search, and social revolutions had largely passed the company by. The tech giant had just wasted $7.2 billion on Nokia's handset business, its laptop and device sales were stagnant or lagging, and the its flagship OS was mired in the messy transition from Windows 8 to 8.1. Five years later, Microsoft has vaulted past Apple, Amazon, and Google and currently sits as the only company (for now) above the trillion dollar market cap. Under the cloud-first ethos of CEO Satya Nadella, the company's stock has risen more than 300 percent, and its commercial cloud revenue run rate (quarterly revenue extrapolated to an annual value) has ballooned from single digits in 2014 up to $44 billion in Q4 2019. Nadella's most enduring legacy thus far in his tenure is a foundational shift to cloud-computing and cloud-based services that informs everything else the company does. The Q4 run rate incorporates not just Microsoft Azure but also revenue from Office 365 and Microsoft 365, its server business, enterprise data services, developer tools and GitHub, andd all the other products and services built on or connected to Azure.

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Should I Use a VPN on My Router?

Does your VPN not provide enough devices in your subscription? Want to use a VPN with a smart TV? Want to prevent an ISP from monitoring what kind of IoT devices you have in your house? The common solution to all of these problems is to configure your router to use a VPN. While it makes sense in theory, I've always felt it is more trouble than it's worth. Now, in fairness, I've never actually tried to manage a router that's hooked up to a VPN. I have, however, consulted some experts who've done so. While it does solve some problems, it has always been an outlier use case and I've focused on more mainstream topics. The major benefit of configuring your router to use a VPN is that all the devices on your network-from a smart fridge to phones-are protected behind the VPN. That's useful, since there are plenty of smart devices in our homes that can't run software on their own, can't be configured to use a VPN, or don't even have screens. By routing all these devices through the VPN from the router, an ISP or any other entity on the web won't be able to see the traffic these devices generate.

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